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Our UMS Top Five Results from Study on ROI of Sponsorship

We were examining a recent study of large corporations and what there results were from investing in sponsorship versus the market averages and also the relationship between those who spent very large amounts and those who sent at a below average level.

Here are the top five takeaways:

1. Companies that have consistently invested

in sponsorship achieved better business results when

compared to market averages

2. Those companies who spent at a higher than average level

outperformed peer companies who spent less on sponsorship

3. Companies who invested at least US$15 million in sponsorship

in each of the five years outperformed the 500 companies in the S&P 500

index over the same period in three of the four key

performance indicators

4. In addition to achieving higher than market

averages, the super (those who spent the most) sponsors also outperformed the

companies on the list who invested in sponsorship at

a below-average level, in revenue growth, net income

growth and earnings per share growth

5. The companies who invested an average of US$33.7

million per year in sponsorship (versus an average of

US$160 million per year by super sponsors) had an

average revenue growth of 6.56%

Sponsorship works but it's a new ball game. Companies have to be creative, analytical, strategic and open to new ideas so they'll ensure a positive return on the investment. Thank you for reading.

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